Faculty and Their Research

Richard M Amasino - Email
Regulation of plant development; mechanisms of floral induction
Aseem Z Ansari - Email
Studying the regulation of gene expression at the interface of chemistry, biology and genomics
Alan D Attie - Email
Genetics of Diabetes, beta-cell biology
Sebastian Y Bednarek - Email
Plant cell biology; intracellular protein trafficking, membrane biogenesis
Samuel E Butcher - Email
RNA Structure, Function and Dynamics; NMR Spectroscopy of RNA and Macromolecular Complexes; Biochemistry of RNA catalysis
Margaret Clagett-Dame - Email
Molecular mechanism of action of the vitamin A metabolite, all-trans retinoic acid, in nervous system development; the therapeutic use of vitamin A and D analogs
Michael M Cox - Email
Molecular biology and enzymology of genetic recombination and DNA repair
Elizabeth A Craig - Email
Folding and remodeling of proteins in the cell - the function of molecular chaperones
Brian G Fox - Email
Biochemical, catalytic, and spectroscopic studies of redox active enzymes; protein engineering
Paul D Friesen - Email
Molecular biology of eukaryotic DNA viruses, regulation of gene expression, programmed cell death (apoptosis), and retrotransposons
Colleen E Hayes - Email
Molecular mechanisms that regulate immune responses
Hazel M Holden - Email
Structure and function of enzymes
Aaron Hoskins - Email
Elucidating biochemical mechanisms in eukaryotic RNA metabolism with chemistry, biology, and single molecule analysis.
Laura L Kiessling - Email
Biomolecular recognition processes; the chemistry and biology of protein-saccharide interactions
Judith Kimble - Email
Molecular regulation of animal development
Robert Landick - Email
RNA polymerase structure/function; regulation of transcript elongation in bacteria and humans
John L Markley - Email
NMR spectroscopy and its biological applications; structure function relationships in proteins; stable-isotope- assisted multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; processing and analysis of multi-dimensional NMR data; structural genomics; metabolomics
Thomas F J Martin - Email
Mechanisms of hormone action; signal transduction and second messengers; regulation of hormone and neurotransmitter secretion; inositol phospholipid biochemistry
Julie Mitchell - Email
Predictive models of molecular interactions and protein design
James M Ntambi - Email
Genetic Regulation of Metabolism: The Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase Genes
David J Pagliarini - Email
Mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism; cell signaling; proteomics
Ann C Palmenberg - Email
Molecular biology of RNA picornaviruses; protein translation, proteolytic processing; RNA synthesis; viral pathogenesis; viral vaccines, vaccine vectors; computer-based sequence analysis
J Wesley Pike - Email
Transcriptional mechanisms of steroid hormone action in the skeleton
Ronald T Raines - Email
Chemical biology, protein chemistry and engineering, enzymology, biofuels
John Ralph - Email
Plant cell wall structure, biosynthesis and utilization
Ivan Rayment - Email
Molecular Basis of Protein Function
M Thomas Record - Email
Protein-nucleic acid interactions, including kinetics and mechanism of transcription initiation, characterization of DNA wrapping in protein DNA complexes, development of small molecule solutes as thermodynamic and mechanistic probes of protein and DNA conformational changes.
Alessandro Senes - Email
Biochemical and computational studies of membrane protein interactions
Michael R Sussman - Email
Signal transduction in eukaryotes, development of genomic technologies, plasma membrane receptors and ion transporters, Arabidopsis thaliana.
Douglas B. Weibel - Email
Microbial Biochemistry and Engineering
Marvin P Wickens - Email
Molecular genetics; RNA and RNA-protein interactions; developmental biology
Jill C. Wildonger - Email
Characterizing how discrete functional domains in neurons are created by investigating how proteins are trafficked; combining in vitro approaches with in vivo live-cell imagining in the developing fruit fly


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