Meet our 2010 Fellows

  Aayushi Uberoi
  SRM University, Chennai
  Department of Oncology
 Advisor: Dr. Michael Hoffmann

Analyzing the Effects of Mutations on the Binding
Properties of SMAD3 in TGF-Beta Signaling Pathway

Anantha Padmanabhan Raghuraman      
 BITS, Pilani
Department of Physiology
Advisors: Dr. Meyer Jackson and Dr.    Michele Basso

Voltage Imaging Studies on the Superior Colliculus in Rats
  Aparajitha Srinivasan
 Cochin University of Science and   Technology, Cochin 
 Department of Dermatology  

 Advisor: Dr. Nihal Ahmad

Role and Functional Significance of Sirt1 in Melanoma
 Apeksha Tare
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune
Department of Pharmacology  

Advisors: Dr. Randal Tibbetts                 
Emerging Role of TDP-43 in Regulation of Notch Signaling

Divyateja Adapala
Indian Institute of Technology-Madras
Department of Biochemistry 

Advisor: Dr. Alessandro Senes

Development of a Method to Measure Transmembrane Helix Interaction in a Cell-Free Expression System

 Emily Stone

 University of Wisconsin, Madison

 Erica Barts

 University of Wisconsin, Madison

 Indroneil Ghosh
 Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee  
Department of Bacteriology

Advisor: Dr. Timothy Donohue

Lipid Production from Rhodobacter Sphaeroides
Kritika Kumar
Manipal Institute of Technology
Department of Chemical and Biologica Engineering  

Advisor: Dr. Brian Pfleger

Functional Genomics-Driven Engineering of Fatty Acid Overproduction in E. Coli

  Lauren Marinaro

  University of Wisconsin, Madison

Mohit Goel
 Indian Institute of Technology-   Guwahati
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. David Beebe

Design, Fabrication, and Optimization of Microfluidic Devices and In Vitro Microenvironments

Preethi Chegu 
 Indian Institute of Technology-Madras 
Department of Biochemistry 

Advisor: Dr. George Phillips 

Sequence Analysis and Modeling of Cellulose Synthase like (Csl) Proteins

Sai Harisha Rajanala 
National Institute of Technology,     Warangal
 Institute of Molecular Virology  

Advisors: Dr. Paul Ahlquist                                                             Dr. Johan den Boon
Validation of Gene Expression Data on HPV Associated Cervical Cancer Progression

Salman Hasan
  Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata 
 Department of Biochemistry 

Advisor: Dr. Samuel Butcher

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry of the RNA Tetraloop-Receptor Motif

Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur  
Department of Pathology & Laboratory  Medicine  
  Advisor: Dr. Igor Slukvin

Analysis of the Differentially Expressed Genes During Haematopoietic Commitment

Shravan Sukumar
 BITS, Pilani
Department of Statistics and   Biochemistry   

Advisors: Dr. Sunduz Keles Dr.                                                Aseem Ansari
Sequence Specificity and Fold Structures of DNA Binding Molecules

Tapojyoti Das 
Indian Institute of Technology-  Kharagpur
Department of Biochemistry 

Advisor: Dr. Alan Attie

Determining the Mechanism by Which Tomosyn-2 Inhibits Insulin Secretion from Pancreatic Beta Cells

 Thiruvenkadam Shanmugam   University of Delhi, South Campus 
 Department of Bacteriology  

Advisor: Dr. Cameron Currie

16S Survey of Microbial Communities Associated with Fungus-Growing Insects

Amena Arif 
Aligarh Muslim University  Department of Biochemistry  

Advisor: Dr. Robert Landick

Understanding the Dynamics of the Trigger Loop of Bacterial RNA Polymerase using Stabilizing and Destabilizing Mutations
Asim Rizvi
Aligarh Muslim University 
Department of Pathobiological Sciences 

Advisor: Dr. Timothy Yoshino

Preliminary Investigations on Trematode Compatibility/Developmental Factor(s) from Snail Plasma
Mithila Burute 
Institute of Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, Pune  
 Department of Biochemistry  

Advisor: Dr. Aseem Ansari

Deciphering the PTM Code of Mammalian RNA Pol II
Suda Parimala Ravindran
  Sri Krishna Arts and Science College   Department of Oncology  

Advisor: Dr. Michael Gould

Statistical Analysis of RNA-seq Data 

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