$5.2M Grant Extends UW-Madison's Bioinformatics Training Program Five Years - 8/22/2007
CIBM develops "novel bioinformatics algorithms to analyze molecular data, including genome sequences, proteins (levels, interactions, structures), and regulatory pathways," the program said in a statement.

In the second five-year period, the CIBM program is adding a translational "molecules-to-bedside" medicine component. Collaborating with the Marshfield Clinic, CIBM will enable trainees "to develop algorithms to predict clinical parameters, such as disease susceptibility or treatment response, from combined molecular and clinical data."

The program, one of 19 covering biomedical informatics in the US, comprises 41 faculty members in 15 departments and five colleges at UW-Madison, including several faculty at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation north of Madison.



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