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Photo of Bill ReznikoffThe Reznikoff pseudo retirement:

In writing this short report from a Professor Emeritus (merit = deserve, e = out; therefore I deserve to be out) I want to thank Marv for asking me to write this document.

Cathy and I doing the same things that we described before – only more so. Cathy has a real passion for working with a Ugandan NGO that serves a whole slum community with a school, a clinic, a credit union, etc. Thank you James Ntambi for introducing us to Uganda and for helping us, particularly Cathy, in our efforts. These efforts include donations of shoes, clothing, computers, etc. that James’ study abroad program takes to Uganda; and financial donations that we send on our own. We were again in Uganda a year ago and had a wonderful and rewarding time.

I am the Director of Education and also of Housing and Conferences at the MBL. I thought that I was retiring from writing grant proposals but now I do it almost continually – but it is worth it. Because the students that I meet who take our research immersion courses come away with career changing experiences. In between the grant proposals I try to help course directors arrange their courses and I have to deal with all sorts of little problems. It keeps me busy and out of trouble. How long will I continue to do it? I am considering three more years if my health allows.

Speaking of health (and we are in pretty good shape), one problem with aging is that you discover lots of little things that are not quite functioning at an optimal level – like my right knee that doesn’t like me to bicycle. But they are small.

I am really sorry to hear that Mo has died. He was an amazing institution in the Department. He did not like molecular biology (until he had to accept the title in order to pick up a student with molecular biology training grant support) but he could be really entertaining and if one needed a volunteer to help undergraduates, he was right there to do it (although what “it” was, was not quite clear). Too bad too sad.

Give us a call if you happen to come to Cape Cod. We would love to see you.

 Photoof Bill Reznikoff in is youth Rez returns to his youthful hangout - MBL 

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