Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

John L Markley - email
NMR spectroscopy and its biological applications; structure function relationships in proteins; stable-isotope- assisted multinuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; processing and analysis of multi-dimensional NMR data; structural genomics; metabolomics

Julie Mitchell - email
Predictive models of molecular interactions and protein design

David J Pagliarini - email
Mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism; cell signaling; proteomics

Ann C Palmenberg - email
Molecular biology of RNA picornaviruses; protein translation, proteolytic processing; RNA synthesis; viral pathogenesis; viral vaccines, vaccine vectors; computer-based sequence analysis

John Ralph - email
Plant cell wall structure, biosynthesis and utilization

Alessandro Senes - email
Biochemical and computational studies of membrane protein interactions

Illustration by Brian Haas, Phillips lab


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