Fall 2014 Seminars

September 8
An Endocytic Checkpoint Monitors Fidelity and Regulates Clathrin-mediated Endocytosis
Sandy Schmid (UT-Southwestern)
Contemporary Biochemistry

September 15
DOGmas, CATtails, and a Structural Surprise: How the RQC Complex Recognizes and Rescues Stalled Ribosomes
Adam Frost (University of California-San Francisco)
Contemporary Biochemistry

September 22
Molecular Motors Drive Autophagosome Dynamics to Maintain Neuronal Homeostasis
Erika Holzbaur (University of Pennsylvania)
Contemporary Biochemistry

September 23
Ruminations on mRNAs
Roy Parker (HHMI and University of CO, Boulder)
RNA MaxiGroup

September 29
Sorting Out Membrane Traffic: Ubiquitin-Mediated Membrane Protein Quality Control and Sorting Systems

Scott Emr (Cornell University)
Contemporary Biochemistry

October 6
Unraveling New Functions for the ER at Organelle Contact Sites
Gia Voeltz (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Contemporary Biochemistry

October 13
Mitochondrial Stress Signaling in Disease and Aging
Gerry Shadel (Yale University)
Contemporary Biochemistry

October 14
Origins of the Ribosome from an RNA World
Harry Noller (University of CA, Santa Cruz)
RNA MaxiGroup

October 20
Jim Hurley (University of California-Berkeley)
Contemporary Biochemistry

October 27
Small Quantum Dots for Nanometer Accuracy and Resolution on Molecular Motors and Living Neurons
Paul Selvin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Contemporary Biochemistry

November 3
Molecular Mechanisms of Microtubule-based Intracellular Transport
Samara Reck-Peterson (Harvard University)
Contemporary Biochemistry

November 10
Harnessing Actin Dynamics for Endocytic Trafficking
David Drubin (University of California-Berkeley)
Contemporary Biochemistry

November 11
Oliver Rando (University of MA Medical School)
RNA MaxiGroup

November 17
Patrick O’Farrell (University of California-San Francisco)
Contemporary Biochemistry

November 24
Peter Walter (University of California-San Francisco)
Contemporary Biochemistry

December 1
Tom Schwarz (Harvard University)
Contemporary Biochemistry

December 8
Orion Weiner (University of California-San Francisco)
Contemporary Biochemistry

December 9
David Bentley (University of CO, Anschutz Medical Campus)
RNA MaxiGroup

December 15
Craig Smibert (University of Toronto)
Contemporary Biochemistry


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