2014 Seminars





Apr. 21

Peter Arvan
University of Michigan

Mutant INS gene-induced Diabetes of Youth (MIDY) is a Disease of Proinsulin Misfolding

Biochemistry Colloquium

Apr. 22

Robert Stroud
University of California-
San Francisco

Student Sponsored Speaker
Wiggle, Wiggle, Not a Trickle; How do Membrane Transporters Work?

Biochemistry Colloquium

Apr. 28

Charles Deber
University of Toronto

Everson Lecture
Novel Synthetic Strategies to Overcome Antibiotic Resistance

Biochemistry Colloquium

Apr. 29

Dave Brow,
Eric Montemayor,
Sam Butcher
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Pre-mRNA Splicing: Structures, Genetics and Mechanisms

RNA MaxiGroup

May 5

Remo Rohs
Univ of Southern California

Quantitative Modeling of Transcription Factor Binding Specificities Using DNA Shape

Biochemistry Colloquium

May 12

Scott Michaels
Indiana University, Bloomington

The Role of Histone H3K27 Methylation in Chromatin Structure, Gene Silencing, and DNA Replication

Biochemistry Colloquium

May 13

Richard Anderson

Nucleotidyl transferases and their roles in disease; PI signaling

RNA MaxiGroup

May 19

Clint Chapple
Purdue University

Evidence for Metabolite-Driven Transcriptional Feedback Mechanisms in Arabidopsis

Biochemistry Colloquium

4 - 6

MidWest Plant Cell Biology
2014 Plant Cell Dynamics Meeting


The 2014 series is supported by the Departments of Biochemistry, Biomolecular Chemistry, the UW Graduate School with income generated by patents filed through WARF, Molecular Biosciences Training Grant, Promega Corporation, Fisher Scientific, Eppendorf, and VWR International.


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